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When it comes to mega projects, or simple things like durians, OA land, timber, bauxite, rare-earths, the sky’s the limit if some ‘special’ people are involved. The ordinary rakyat will not get a look-in.

Malaysians had better wake up. Or remain in their comatose state and watch as the country is raped, the environment destroyed, the timber felled, the Orang Asli turfed out of their ancestral lands, whilst a few people take advantage of their station in life.

Remember the nursery rhyme, Sing a A Song of Sixpence? Google it. Check who is counting the money, and eating bread and honey.

The original link to the news report about the Lynas’ Permanent Disposal Facility (PDF) is here.

An area comprising the size of 283 football fields, has been carved out of the Bukit Kuantan permanent forest reserve, to be converted into a Multi-Category Industrial Scheduled Waste Disposal Site (MCISWDS).

Gading Senggara Sdn Bhd (GSSB), a private firm linked to Pahang royalty, will be the contractor of the MCISWDS. Likewise, Lynas appointed the same company to build its PDF there.

The Lynas PDF will occupy 58.25 hectares or 29 percent of the overall site.

There are claims that Lynas’ waste has LOW radioactivity. Tapi there is going to be a lot of it…and I mean a LOTTTTT.

Would you mind living beside a pile of ever growing waste with low RADIOACTIVITY? Would you trust the water catchment in the area?

Malaysian academics are too fearful to give their honest professional opinions. Their careers will end prematurely. Foreign academics will be deported.

GSSB, founded in July 2012 as Puncak Trillium Sdn Bhd, changed to its current name in December 2014.

Malaysiakini check on the firm with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) revealed that the majority shareholder, with a 50 percent stake, is Pahang Regent Tengku Hassanal Ibrahim Alam Shah.

The second-largest shareholder is Gading Group chief executive officer Johari Harun, who is also the Bentong Umno-Baru vice-chief. He has a 40 percent stake.

Ahhh….one ‘R’ and the other is an Umno-Baru man. How nice!

Want to know something else that is funny?

According to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report on Lynas’ PDF, located within the site, the Pahang government, Kuantan Municipal Council, Land Office, Pahang Forestry Department, Pahang Public Works Department, Terengganu government, Syarikat Air Terengganu, and Kemaman Municipal Council have no objections to the Lynas PDF.

Silly or what? Who is brave enough to object?

I am not blind, nor deaf nor daft. You can ignore if you want because one day, there will be nothing left for you. No forests, non-polluted land or river, nor durian grown by hardworking farmers.

Remember the company with special people who wanted to control the durian farmers. Lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama.

At this rate, this nightmare of nothing of any good remaining for ordinary people, will happen sooner than you think. Actually, it is already happening.

You can uncreate this nonsense. Wake-up from your coma.

Rebuilding Malaysia
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