When will Hadi apologise, to Malaysians, for spreading falsehood? There are 9353 reasons for him to resign; here are ten.

Hadi holds Malaysians to ransom. He is dangerous, divisive and power-crazy. He uses religion to further his warped ambition. He uses religion to confuse and sow hatred. He can pit Malays against fellow Malays, Muslims against fellow Muslims. Remember how in the 80s, Hadi divided Malays and Muslims with his Amanat Hadi.

Today, Hadi enjoys a senior position in the PN government, and he is paid a handsome wage. The taxpayer foots his bills. Do you think he deserves the post? Is he efficient at work?

On 10 July, The Ministry of Health Malaysia, reported 9353 new cases of Coronavirus. Hence, 9353 reasons for Hadi Awang, the PAS president to resign.

Six days ago, Hadi said that the Coronavirus pandemic was a test from God and that only “Allah’s government” (Kerajaan Allah) can overcome.

What is Hadi trying to say? He was deliberately vague and his message was confusing. Was he trying to be sensational? Or was it his intention to cause further division?

If the rakyat was confused, then Opposition politician, Lim Kit Siang was right to ask questions about his irresponsible comments. Lim wanted answers, and so do we.

Other members of the rakyat and politicians should have followed Lim’s example. They should have demanded further explanations from Hadi.

“Blast-living-in-the-past” Hadi, does not do detail. The vacuous Hadi does untold damage by being vague.

Credit FP circa 2017

Lim should NOT have apologised but was probably forced because Hadi commands a mob, the gullible Malays, the ignorant Muslims who do NOT know their religion to make life difficult for others, ordinary Malaysians and Opposition politicians. Any Opposition politician who censure Hadi is aware that they commit political suicide to clash head-on with Hadi. That is why I say Hadi holds us to ransom.

Hadi does not do science. In science, facts and experiments are used to prove or disrpove a hypothesis. This is not Hadi’s style.

Hadi was vague with his “kerajaan Allah” assertion, confusing and deliberately misleading. As a member of the ulama and a politician, Hadi was very irresponsible. But he is not worried, because he is protected by Mahiaddin Yassin, the Home Minister, and the guardian of the faiths in Malaysia. All are petrified of Hadi.

How does Hadi have the power to wrap them round his little finger. Unless of course, they are all in it together. The 4Rs are a force that has destroyed the good people of Malaysia. It is time, the people took back control of the mess that these 4Rs have created.

The Home Miniser, Hamzah has opened an investigation into Lim for censuring Hadi. But then, what do you expect? Hamzah is clueless, another power crazy politician, who does things to get votes. He rules by fear. Both Hamzah and Hadi should resign but they won’t, They are enjoying the trappings of being a senior politicians, whilst ordinary Malaysians suffer.

Ten reasons why Hadi should resign.

FIrst. Spreading a lot of untruths. Falsehoods. Misinformation. Lies.

When someone says, “The Umno-Baru government” or the “Najib government”, you know that the person is saying the government which is led by Umno-Baru or Najib Abdul Razak. If you were told “Mahathir’s government” you would understand that the person is trying to say, the government which is led by Mahathir Mohamad.

Similarly, with Trump’s government. Or Kerajaan Merkel. Or the Conservative government. Or Kerajaan Jacinda Ardern.

So, when Hadi said, “Kerajaan Allah” what do you think he was suggesting? The country is not ruled by an Islamic government.

What do you think the effect on ignorant Muslims will be? What do you think Malays who do not know their religion well enough, will believe?

Hadi is irresponsible. Perhaps, he is deliberately causing people to get angry and upset. He is speading falsehood, (I would call it lies, but some of you will think this is too strong a word). He should resign, for these outrageous remarks.

So, was Hadi trying to sensationalise things? Did he mean to confuse with his vague remarks? Did he not know what he was saying and hoped no one would listen? Or was his intention to mislead Malays/Muslims?

Second. Acting as if he is God’s spokesman.

Hadi has been divisive for decades. He divides the nation and more importantly, he divides the Malays despite PAS’ claiming that only they can unite the Malays and protect Islam.

Amanat Hadi” of 1981 caused splits in the muslim community in Malaysia. He was the PAS firebrand of the 70s and 80s. Today, he still wants to show off that he is still of relevance.

In the 1980s, Hadi said Umno was kafir. Today, he continues to be divisice and is still using religion to demonise DAP and PH and at the same time, terrorise non-Muslims. The Amanat Hadi speech, which he delivered in 1981 in Terengganu, was declared haram by the authorities and banned by JAKIM.

Hadi has the habit of quoting Koranic verses and misusing them to attack Oppostion politicians.

Does Hadi take us for fools? Ignorant Muslims and weak minds may think that God has designated Hadi as His mouthpiece (spokesman) with his outrageous claims that the Coronavirus is a test from God and that only “Kerajaan Allah” will overcome the disease.

Actually, God sent us Hadi to test our patience and our goodwill. What do you think?

Third. Politicising Allah.

God does not do governments. God does not appoint spokesmen. God does NOT have a special relationship with PAS….All that is just Hadi’s vivid imagination. Or his wishful thinking.

Weak and gullible Malays/Muslims may think Hadi is God’s spokeman on earth. If they beleive that, they are really daft. This is what 50 years of indoctrination by the authorities has done to Malaysian minds.

When it suits the religious bigots, Allah is everyone’s God in multi-racial Malaysia. When East Malaysians want to use the word Allah in their prayers, they are not allowed to use it.

According to Hadi , Allah brought this test on all Malaysians and only God’s government will win the battle to “overcome” this disease.

As the PN administration has failed to control the spread of Coronavirus, does that mean God does not support PN?

Hadi spews nonsense.

Fourth. Hadi’s obsessesion with his holier-than-thou image.

The more Hadi speaks, the more Muslims realise that this man does not know his religion well. He may claim to be a man of religion, but what he preaches is not Islam.

This man is dangerous, divisive and a liability to Malaysians.

A man of God will unite and spread love of another human. This man divides and sows seeds of hatred.

Fifth. Cherry picking God

How come the East Malaysian Christians who pray in Malay, and use Allah in their prayers and scriptures, are NOT allowed to use Allah? Their Malay bibles have been seized and they are banned fom using Allah in their prayers.

However, we are now told that Malaysians have been given this test by Allah. Even the non-Muslims have been given this test? Weren’t they supposed not to claim ownership of Allah?

Why is it only “kerajaan Allah” that can win the battle against Coronavirus? Does the PN failure to contain the spread of Coronavirus mean that PN has failed?

Sixth. Irresponsible to make Muslims trust everything to God

Hadi’s loose talk that only Allah will overcome the battle against Coronavirus, is very irresponsible.

He will make some people ignore the important precautions like social distancing, quarantine, and good hygiene, which doctors’ advocate.

Hadi’s wrong advice to entrust God to save them from Coronavirus will make some people think that Allah will protect them and so they may be careless with social distancing etc.

This is why we have seen many fools who continue to mix in mosques and prayer meetings. All this resulted in the various tabligh clusters. (In a similar fashion, PN politicians are responsible for spreading the Sabah election cluster because they were greedy to grab power in Sabah.)

We had the tahlil clusters during Puasa, the Raya Aidil Fitri cluster after open houses and the balik kampung exodus, and soon, we will have the Raya Haji cluster. If you want to blame someone for the rise in cases, blame Hadi. He has a part in the sorry tale.

Seventh. Hadi is confused.

He calls the PN government “kerajaan Allah”. It is not. It is a backdoor government, plain and simple. If Hadi does not understand this after 16 months of PN, then he is clearly not fit for office.

How does he explain that his PN government or his misleading interpretaion of “kerajaan Allah” has FAILED to control the spread of the Coronavirus? WHo failed? Did Hadi’s “Kerajaan Allah” fail? Or did Allah think PN is not worthy of his divine intervention?

Notice how when Lim was forced to apologise, Hai’d aide tripped over backwards trying to “explain” what Hadi meant This back pedalling and damage limitation control just shows how weak and daft Hadi is.

Eighth. Hadi’s contribution to halt the spread of Coronavirus

What is Hadi’s contribution to control this pandemic? He cannot even manage Kelantan efficiently and yet he talks rubbish.

Perhaps, he does NOT want to take responsibility for his adminsitration’s failure to stem the rise in Coronavirus cases in Kelantan and so will tell gullible Muslims, that it is all in God’s hands.

Rubbish! Hadi and his administration were careless and clueless but isn’t it very easy and convenient to blame Allah? Which Muslim/Malay will dare blame Allah?

The rakyat would like to blame Hadi, but Hadi just said, it was ALlah who will make them win the battle against Coronavirus, and as it has not happened yet, so they will just have to wait.

Hadi is “gaji buta” with his Special Envoy to the Middle-East but what has he to show for the position and the perks? His salary, his staff’s salaries, his ministerial car and his travelling expenses can help feed the many homeless and thousands who have been made jobless by the pandemic.

Ninth. Hadi’s hypocisy with the kaffir-made vaccines from kaffir countries

Is Hadi vaccinated? How will he explain to his flock that all of the vaccines are from kaffir countries and made by kaffir manufacturers? What’s his explanation for this? How will he deal with the hypocrity of being made safe from Coronavirus with a kaffir vaccine?

Kaffir made vaccines are coursing through Hadi’s veins (if he is vacacinated).

Do you remember the dumb Malays who claimed they were contaminated by Cadbury’s chocolates which they alleged contained porcine DNA?

These drama queens demanded a few million RM each as compensation for having tainted blood. Each wanted a blood transfusion to cleanse their bodies.

They should have been allowed to bleed out!

Tenth. Hadi grows stronger because the guardians of the faith in each of the states of Malaysia are afraid to censure him.

Many muftis and the ulamas in Malaysia have made many damaging and divisive statements over many decades. These irresponsible men destroy the peace and harmony of the country.

THe late Perak mufti, Harussanah Zakaria was one such racist and divisive figure. He caused a riot in a church in Silibin by his false claim Malay children were being baptised. He told Malays not to visit the open houses of their friends who were celebrating a non-Muslim festival, like Christmas, Chinese New Year, Deepavali.

Another mufti, the one from Pahang, urged kaffirs to be killed. Others have made equally irresponsible statements.

Now, did you hear any of the guardians of the faith of the states or of Malaysia, censure these racist and extremist muftis? Why didn’t they sack the muftis for creating disharmomy and spreading hate? Instead the guardians were meek as mice and said nothing. Shame on them!

It was death from Coronavirus that finally released Perakians from the evil clutches of Harussanil Zakaria. Why were Perakians put through this ordeal? he could have been stopped.

The silence of these so called guardians-of-the-faith encourages the bigots and extremists to bully us. Most Malaysians live in fear of these men of the cloth with their ridiculous demands.

So, are the guardians of the faith afraid ? What is the hold of these extremists over them?

A nation lives in fear because a handful of extremists choose to divide us whilst the other handful of people who could put a stop to this fear and division, are too timid to speak out. Can anyone explain this anomaly?

Hadi will lead Malay Muslims several steps backwards…we’re not talking years, or decades. We’re talking centuries,

Lim Kit Siang is a seasoned politician and he was demanding answers to Hadi’s misleadering “Kerajaan Allah”.

More’s the pity that his Malay/Muslim peers in the other component parties,, choose to remain silent. They should have issued statements in support of Lim that Hadi was vague, misleading and making many people angry.

So I ask again, When will HADI tender his resignation?

Will you join me in demanding his resignation?

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  • F. Reiss says:

    I can’t stand this Ignoramus. He is a fake. Using religion will put him straight to Neraka when he dies.

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    I bought the number 9353 and didn’t win anything.

    Hardy is cursed!

    The old fart and his “test by Allah”, that’s a shed load of bleeding bollocks.

    If the bogus “holy” Satan’s spawn knows anything about Islam, the fate of any Muslim is fixed even before birth.

    No amount of flying colours in any amount of “test” would make any difference.
    If Allah wants you to die from Covid, She would fcuking kill you like She’s determined even before you were born. Hardy or Laurel sermonising about any test you may pass won’t change anything about your survival in the pandemic, you’ll take your all A’s score with you to your grave,Ameen.

    Trust à moron munafiq hypocrite ignorant fake holy monkey to shag pompously about any “test”!

  • Tereza says:

    He never had rm90 millions in his stomach before, now with rm70k coming continuously every month, why not continue with his rhetoric preaching of hatred? Remember, this government is for the retards, by the retards and with the retards.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “Remember, this government is for the retards…”

      Not untrue, contrary to their opinion of themselves, Malaysia does have more than a fair sprinkling of fcuking retard members of the Great Unwashed, who consistently vote our fcuked up retard-filled gomens into office.

      Blessed are our meek dumbfcuk retard voters, for theirs is the Kingdom of the Retards, Amen.

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    Obviously Hardy is not versed in the holy books, he would have known by heart and recommended the holy remedy for the rogue back door sprinkler leak to Niamahaidin.

    Maybe Stupid PM was advised of the holey cure, but it didn’t work because he’s not a good Muslim.

    Maybe the Almighty, She just wants to punish Niamahaidin because she wants a nice bit of fun laughing at the joke of a PM.

    Anyway, Hardy can read the hadiths carefully and find out for himself what he’s missed from a book he should be honestly versed in.

    Those who may wan to know for yourself, here’s a bit of text and a link to the Quran and diarrhoea, Alhamdulilah! :

    “It is narrated in the books of Imaams Al-Bukhari and Muslim may Allah have mercy upon them that Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudri, may Allah be pleased with him, said: “A man came to the Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allah exalt his mention ) and said: ‘My brother is complaining about his stomach, or he is complaining about diarrhea”


  • Henry says:

    Start a signature campaign, you’ll be amazed by the numbers

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      Henry, old chap, you are going to start your “campaign” or you are only suggesting someone else does it?

      You can “be amazed by the numbers” only after you’ve got your “campaign” off the ground.

      So let’s hear from you then, can’t wait to sign up!

  • Gary T says:

    This fraudster and his ilk are all hell bound for selling their souls to the devil. What kind of Islam are they practicing? Islam cap UMNO or cap AYAM? 🤔🤣
    You and your shameless, illiterate ulamaks ought to practice what you preach and abstain from all forms of corruption and to resist the temptation of Satan, get rid of all the Blings and Mercs and follow the humble and true teachings of Islam.

    • Gary T says:

      He and all the fake Arabs like him are responsible for the destruction of the adat dan budaya Melayu as well as the death of the Muhibbah spirit.
      C19 is indeed Godsend to awaken the ignorant and gullible Malays that the PNipu BD gomen does not have the mandate of the rakyat or endorsement of Allah otherwise, the Covid19 pandemic in Malaysia would have been controlled by now instead of getting worse..

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “… follow the humble and true teachings of Islam.”

      Wtf are you spouting about?

      Islam reeks of self-righteousness and arrogance, and control freakery bordering on sheer fascism.

      Muslims who leave the cult can be killed.

      That, Sunshine, are some of the” true teachings”.

      For just a little piece of homework, find out what happened to Uncle Mo’s “humbleness” when Asma b Marwan as little as laughed at his propensity for bullsh*t make-it-up-as-go-along loada blessed camelsh*t!

      Come back and tell us you aren’t the least horrified, and I’ll give you a cross and extra gift of free nails to put yourself up.

      And come back from the living hell after three days stuck in the uplifting experience.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “… get rid of all the Blings and Mercs”

      Islam is at best ambivalent about such things, though Uncle Mo made it clear his cut when his merry bunch of armed caravan robbers return from their raids with the lovely swag bags. And women.

      Where on Allah’s earth did you get your sermon on “What kind of Islam are they practicing?” that you have your blessed authoritative access to?

      From fcuking Christianity?

  • yahya sudirman says:

    without fear nor favour!


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