Where is the Malaysian Cabinet? It is still missing one week after the rakyat’s votes were stolen in a cowardly coup. The back-door gomen is lucky the Sulus have not invaded the eastern sea-board, or another plane has gone missing, or chemicals released into the river. If these things occur, who will take charge? Next time, think first before nak pandai-pandai sangat…Stealing the top job is not child’s play…

Where is the Cabinet of Malaysia?

Why is it still missing one week after Muhyiddin Yassin, thought he could do a better job of governing Malaysia…?

Even kataks gather during a rainstorm and make a lot of noise. But the Putrajaya kataks are just silent…

Just in case he needs reminding, here are a few scenarios…

  1. What happens if the Sulu militants decide to invade the Eastern Seaboard..ie the coast off east Sabah….remember Lahad Datu?

The country is missing a Minister of Defence. He needs to liase with the heads of the armed forces and send in the troops or prepare for a counter attack.

2. What if there was a serious outbreak of disease….like Kroni Virus….

Who is the Minister of Home Affairs to tell the police, MACC to tangkap the cronies and recover the money?

3. What if half our workforce is affected by Corona virus?

Who is the Minister of Health, who will issue the steps needed to attend to the sick, isolate others, ensure enough medical staff can treat, contingency plans, ensure enough medical supplies etc

4. If Corona-virus does affect us badly, and the workforce is down, our economy will be affected. Factories have to be shut, manufacturing will stop. Agriculture will also slow down.

4.1 Who is the Minister of Finance who will put into place measures so that the country does NOT grind to a halt?

4.2 Who is the Minister of Agriculture to ensure oil palms are still collected to be brought to the refinery?

4.3 Who is the Minister of Home Affairs to ensure there is enough food in the shops?

5. If there is a shortage of workers, then who is going to pilot planes, drive trains, taxism, buses, boats, man factories, look after the borders, etc?

Where is the Minister of Transport to announce emergency measures maybe draft in the army, but then who is the Minister of Defence?

6. If there is a shortage of teachers in the schools, then who is the Minister of Education to order that schools be shut?

7. If terrorists start to take advantage of the situation and blow up gas pipelines, or kidnap the rich, especially rich former Ministers, which Minister(s) will deal with this situation?

8. If there is a serious pollution problem, like the one in Johore, who is the Minister of Environment to take charge?

I can go on and on about possible scenarios…

So I repeat…WHERE is the CABINET?

If you want to find clean, corruption-free men or women with integrity, forget it.

You can wait forever.

You had better watch your back before Umno-Baru swallows you up…like the frogs swallow flies

Rebuilding Malaysia

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  • Param says:

    Whatever the politics pray everything ends well for the country.Too much politicking is doing immense damage to people and the image of the country.Put country first and work out a amicable solution .. In view of the imminent threat of the deadly flu bug allow the interim government to function for the moment. It’s time to safeguard the citizens health..We are probably going to face the ultimate health challenge.

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