Where is the parliamentary condemnation of the attempted murder of outspoken lawyer, Siti Kassim, using a bomb? This is a new low for the Madani administration when two men who kiss, get more publicity than an act of alleged terrorism.

ALL bomb threats are to be taken seriously.

Shame on the Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, the Communications and Multimedia Minister, Fahmi Fadzil, the Home minister, Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, the Minister in the PM’s Department (Law and Institutional Reform), Azalina Othman Said and the Women, Family and Community Development Minister, Nancy Shukri, for their silence on the sickening assassination attempt on lawyer, Siti Kassim.

The bomb threat was discovered on 21 July. To be fair, I waited till today (two days later) to see if the Madani cabinet had expressed outrage at the attempt on Siti’s life.

Party leaders are also quiet. Shocking!

Our politicians are more concerned about two men kissing at a concert.

Is silence the only response by the Madani administration towards the bomb threat that was meant to kill or seriously maim Siti?

They don’t have to like her but they could at least condemn this despicable act of terrorism.

Was the bomb threat made by a lone individual or was it the work of an intolerant person or group?

It is shocking that we have several irresponsible MPs who do not have the courage nor the moral fibre to condemn this most despicable act of terrorism against a law-abiding Malaysian, Siti.

The bomb threat is an act of terror which is meant to strike fear in the heart of all Malaysians.

If not terrorism then how else would you describe this cowardly act of putting an Improvised Explosive Devise (IED) under the car of one of the nation’s most successful and vocal critic?

So Is Malaysia entering a new violent phase where acts of terrorism are met with silence by parliament?

Are our MPs just immature, or are they only interested in hanging on to power and bomb threats or other acts of violence are mere distractions for them?.

Do our MPs condone violence or are they just a bunch of cowards?

There was hardly a squeak from the Cabinet, the MPs in parliament and the Opposition benches. Shame on them!

What about the public condemnation of this bomb threat by the Muslim clerics?

Siti may have upset many ulamas in the past, but by keeping quiet about this despicable and evil act, the ulamas are condoning violence and may even encourage more violence, by people who think they can take the law into their own hands to punish critics of the administration/religious order.

Placing the bomb under her car was designed to have maximum impact as the device would also have ignited the petrol in her tank.

This was a well thought out plan by evil people. If there were people nearby, the chances are that the IED/bomb, if it had gone off would also kill or main others too. We have some evil people in our midst.

Siti is no stranger to controversy. She has defended members of the community who are marginalised, or who face discrimination.

She is the heroine of the people which the nation forgot about. These are people like the Orang Asli, members of the LGBT community or women who have been abused or who are victims of misogyny..

Siti may be small in stature, but she makes up for her physique in her actions, her voice and most of all her courage and bravado.

She will speak out if she knows that there has been an injustice or a particular law has been broken, or if someone has been victimised or harassed.

She is not afraid to speak her mind and to use her professional qualifications to the maximum advantage, to defend those whom she feels deserves justice.

As her courage knows no bounds, she is feared by both state and federal governments, religious clerics and big corporations. She is a vocal critic of the government, not just the Madani government, but previous administrations too.

She is on the side of truth and justice.

Most bomb makers often leave their signatures behind, such as the choice of components used in making the bomb, like the switch or detonator. The materials used can be traced to where the purchase was made. Some bomb makers can be identified by the choice of certain devices/components.

Some bomb components can be traced and it goes without saying that we place our trust in thew PDRM and the forensic experts to find the perpetrators. Malaysia cannot be allowed to descend into a violent and lawless place.

The attempt on Siti’s life was meant to silence her, and make an example of her. She must be saying something right, if the cowards have made this attempt on her life.

Were the bomb makers paid by someone who did not like what Siti said, or had done, in the past? We have many sensitive nutters in the nation.

However, they have chosen the wrong target because Siti is not going to give up her good work and I know she will continue helping people who face injustice, marginalisation, discrimination or bullying by individuals, big companies or government.

Nor will she will stop her criticism of acts of injustice or moral turpitude.

This country is deeply divided. When will Anwar Ibrahim condemn this vile bombing threat on Siti Kassim and try to bring the nation together?

Malaysians cannot be held to ransom by this cowardly act of terror.

Speak out Mr PM! Show leadership.

Rebuilding Malaysia

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