Whistleblowers jailed, while embezzler gloats: Rafizi vs Shahrizat


J Pillai, a Facebook user penned the response below, when he heard that MP Rafizi Ramli had been sentenced to 30 months jail for exposing the RM250 million National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal. He would like your support to send it to at least 10 people whom you know, in Facebook, to demonstrate our anger and to make the government take note of our dissatisfaction. (You have probably seen it in your Facebook page.)

“With the 30 months imprisonment of Rafizi, one of the brightest lawmakers of the Malaysian Parliament, the whistleblower who exposed the abuse of taxpayers fund, will be disqualified from defending his Pandan seat, in the next General Election.

This is a heavy sacrifice paid by him, for the nation and for him to be apart from his wife and young child.

Is this justice well served, whilst the real perpetrators of the injustice to the nation, who stole RM250 million are left alone?

What kind of nation is this? Are we not ashamed of ourselves as Malaysians?

Such injustice now calls for action, for all Malaysians to reverse this nonsensical treatment at the ballot box.” (J Pillai)


Umno-Baru Wanita chief, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s story

Shahrizat told Utusan Malaysia Online, that PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli is not the “victim” in the NFC scandal.

“abusing” and manipulating the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010, to achieve his political goals.

She claimed that he had neglected the legal rights of others, including hers, by resorting to political attacks using issues related to the NFC. She said, “Instead of going by the law, Rafizi used half-baked stories to manipulate the people regarding the case.”

So, do you agree that Rafizi had told the rakyat half-baked stories?


PKR vice-president and MP for Pandan, Rafizi Ramli’s story

In an interview with Malaysiakini, Rafizi agreed with Shahrizat, that he is not the victim in the NFC scandal. He said, “I think she is right. As much as it sounds like a joke that the cows were the real victims, but I think they suffered for a while.”

He said that many of the cows died during the shipping from Australia to Gemas, Negeri Sembilan and more died in Gemas, when they were not fed the right type of grass.

He added, “That was the story that started it all. The auditor-general went to audit the place and it was full of lalang and acacia trees which were not suitable for breeding cows.

“I had my evidence as a countermeasure because they (NFC) did not have the right type of grass for the cows.

“The cows were fed dedak (animal feed), palm kernels and some of the cows died from choking. The remaining cows had lost a lot of weight due to a lack of nutrition.

“If you had gone to Gemas and saw the cows yourselves, they were lacking nutrition and they were not the fat cows that they were when they were first taken in from Australia”.

Rafizi said that the real victims of the NFC controversy were the Malaysian taxpayers, who had to pay for the RM250 million allocated to NFC.

He added that the biggest victims were the “poor farmers” and cattle breeders who could have benefitted the most from the plan to achieve beef sustainability.

So, who do you believe?

Rafizi or Shahrizat?

Whilst we are on this story, perhaps someone should report Shahrizah and the NFC staff who killed the cows through neglect, ignorance and mismanagement. 


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