Who Will Save Malaysia?

Yin says, “The sad thing is that those we elected to make changes and bring in a new Malaysia are little better than the crooks and racists we kicked out.”

He adds, “Who will save Malaysia?”

Yin: UMNO/PAS is focused on saving the Malays and Islam.

PPBM not to be outdone is also going to save the Malays and Islam.

Naturally the by now standard phrase “without neglecting the other races” is attached as a foot note to every jingoistic speech they give to appease the likes of MCA; MIC; DAP and the non-Malays in PKR.

We know about UMNO and PAS; their racist and Islamist DNA is well known.

But when Malaysians voted in GE14 they not only voted to end corruption but also for a Malaysia Baru – free from racism and religious extremism.

Some of us cautioned about Mahthir’s PPBM’s stated agenda of Malay interests and the racially exclusive nature of the party. But voters chose to ignore the caution – they felt that PKR and DAP would ensure that the Malaysia Baru will be inclusive and racial policies will be a thing of the past. When this was questioned early into the life of the new government;  Lim Kit Siang made some vague statement that DAP will pull out of PH if the ‘vision’ is compromised. He did not (deliberately I am sure) draw any red line. But red line or not; DAP will do a MCA. It will not pull out – principles be damned.

How could PPBM the smallest and newest party be calling the shots. Mahathir is only part of the answer.

The other part is the abdication of their responsibilities by PKR and DAP and to a lesser extent by Amanah.

When Mahathir emphasised the need to continue 61 years of racial policies; Azmin jumped to his support – calling for urgent implementation of the Bumiputra Agenda. This while his boss Anwar was calling for the decoupling of affirmative action with race. What happened to the other senior members (especially the non-Malays) of PKR?

DAP which has called for a Malaysian Malaysia for nearly forty years suddenly lost its tongue – or maybe their mouths are so stuffed with goodies they cannot speak.

Leaving race and religion to one side for a moment; what about the many key promises PH made at GE14. Many of these have been the main planks of parties like DAP and PKR.

Corruption: According to Syed Ali Akbar a prominent blogger;  38 new APs have been given out. If true how does this square with PH’s stand on corruption? Giving APs is like giving someone a stamp for printing money. It does not create actual wealth – like someone building something or growing something. It is just transfering the money from the consumers’ pockets into the pockets of their cronies. We know cronyism was one of the features of the Mahathir years but we thought that would be something of the past after GE14. How wrong we are.

Open Tender: The Perak Government has given a reforestation project to a RM2 company without tender being called. I am sure there are others.

Local Government Elections: This is one of the promises in the PH Manifesto. And it is common knowledge that DAP is very much for it. So what happened that a small party like PPBM can call the shots and DAP just roll over. I have said it before – it is a paper tiger!

We can go on and on about the promises PH has broken but at the end of the day the people will take their revenge.

Columnist Tajuddin Rasdi thinks the end of the PH Government is nigh. I have to concur.

Reasons: The coming together of UMNO and PAS will pose  a threat to PH’s votes in the Malay heartland – especially PPBM’s.

UMNO and PAS have pledged to cooperate in four State Governments. Perak only needs three frogs (who jumped from UMNO) to jump back the other way.

But instead of moving away from race and religion politics Mahathir wants to out do UMNO/PAS. Azmin Ali of PKR calls for the acceleration of the Bumi Agenda. They immediately resort to tribal politics. Instead of closing the racial/religious divide they widen it.

PH will disintegrate with PPBM and the Azmin faction of PKR joining forces or PH will become another UMNO/BN with DAP as MCA2.

In trying to pander to the Malay constituencies, PH will lose the non Malay votes. By then most Malaysians would have been so fed up with being betrayed that they just couldn’t care anymore who governs! That will be a sad day but it is not inconceivable.

But there are sensible Malaysians still . . .

The august body of ex-servicemen – The Patriots – have called for an end to the politics of race; saying it has “crossed into the danger zone” when an ex minister can say that non-Malays cannot be appointed to important positions.  It’s president, Brig-Gen (Rtd) Mohamed Arshad Raji, said that if racism is allowed to fester it will end any hope of a united Malaysia. Thank God we have a strong organisation which is sensible unlike many who are fighting for Malays and Islam and not Malaysians and Malaysia.

Zaid Ibrahim, the ex-minister of law, commented on the sentencing of someone to 10 years jail for insulting Islam while another person who insulted other religions was rewarded with permanent residence (and an island). Where is the justice? How will this bring the nation together?

Where will this madness end?

The sad thing is that those we elected to make changes and bring in a new Malaysia are little better than the crooks and racists we kicked out.

Who will save Malaysia?

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