Why did the BBC ignore the real Malaysian news?

Shell’s free publicity

The BBC is the latest to pick up on the Shell standee and pervert issue. Why give this multi-billion company free publicity?

The young lady at the heart of the scandal is a Shell employee. Her image to advertise Sheel and its products, has been on cardboard cut-out for many months.

Did she give Shell her consent, for her image to be used?

More importantly, did she get any advertising revenue from the billions of ringgits which Shell makes every year? 

If the BBC can be sidetracked, what more ordinary Malaysians? Please remain focussed and keep track of the real issues plaguing Malaysia.

The two faces of Malaysia.

First. The religious conservatism which has been allowed to escalate, and women are made second class citizens, and told how to dress. Where when you do your weekly grocery shopping, you must choose between halal and non-halal supermarket trolleys. Where couples in hotel rooms are raided. Mind you only 3 star hotels and below are raided. Those who are considered elite and stay in luxuy 5 start hotels are allowed to have their bit of  fun, or if they are really into the money, can afford to holiday abraod, make public this vacation and not fear any raids by the religious police 

Second. The side of Malaysia, which the authorities are desperate to hide. Pictures of men kissing cardboard cut-outs, and touching the image’s chest and crotch. Men who carry tubes of KY jelly in their pockets, ready for action. Voyeurs masquerading as religious police who spy on couples being intimate.

Is this perverted behaviour the result of forcing its citizens to adopt conservative lifestyles? men Girls and boys are separated from play, men and women are prevented from learning how to behave and trust one another in normal girl-meets-boy situations. Holding hands is forbidden. Looking directly into their eyes is prohibited. So when it presents itself, their behaviour manifests itself in embarrassing situations, like the pervert who fondled a cardboard cut-out.

Here is the REAL Malaysian news

Demand answers from Najib Abdul Razak about:-

  1. The American Department of Justice (DOJ) exposes.
  2. MO1’s involvement in stealing rakyat’s money
  3. MO1’s wife’s pink diamond 
  4. Najib and his family using the Malaysian taxpayer funded government jet to go on a private holiday to Bali and Perth. Try asking Najib if you can use the jet?
  5. 1MDB’s corruption which is bankrupting Malaysia
  6. Money laundering by the elite
  7. Jho Low doing a Houdini
  8. MO1’s stepson and his luxury homes overseas. 

Shell’s standee is NOT news… but 1MDB, MO1 and FLOM are!

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Rebuilding Malaysia

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