Why is Malaysia’s Special Envoy to the middle east advocating military action? Is Hadi our own Tony Blair? Does Hadi understand the consequences of conflict?

One possible reason that the Rohingyas see Malaysia as a land of milk and honey, is because disgraced Najib Abdul Razak had given one Indian fugitive permanent residence and the PAS led Terengganu government, had allegedly presented the same Indian fugitive with a few islands. The gift of the islands was denied by the authorities.

An excerpt from a Malaysiakini article, is below. Access the link here.

Abdul Hadi (above) raised military action taken in other countries and questioned if the same can be applied to Myanmar, which does not recognise the Rohingya as citizens and has been expelling them from Arakan.

“Tough political actions have been taken in the past, such as military missions sent to resolve the crisis in Bosnia, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

“Why cannot the same be done to Myanmar which has been more ruthless to its own people?” he said in a separate statement.

He said measures were needed so that the Rohingya can return to their country and not remain as refugees indefinitely...


  1. So, why is Muhyiddin Yassin’s Special Envoy to the middle east, Hadi Awang, suggesting military action?

2. What happened to dialogue? Why is a Special Envoy proposing military conflict? Hadi is treading a dangerous path. Military conflict is not a short cut solution and he may be known, for his suggestion, as a Messenger of Death.

3. Why does Hadi not speak to the Saudi Arabians and ask them to attack Myanmar, to aid their Muslim brothers, the Rohingyas? Saudi has already had lots of practise on tiny Yemen, and caused untold misery, deaths, and malnourished children.

4. As Special Envoy, Hadi can speak to the Saudis and ask that some of their spare land be used to accomodate the Rohingyas.

5. The consequences of conflict will destablise the region. What will ASEAN have to say about Hadi’s suggestion of war?

6. Is there an armaments factory, in deepest Kelantan, that Hadi hopes can make money selling arms, to take advantage of his suggestion of military action, on Myanmar?

7. Why does Hadi not beat his battle drums at the United Nations and see what Myanmar’s good friends, the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and India, think about his suggestion? Then criticise the UN for their inability to resolve refugee issues.

8. We are already ravaged by the unseen enemy, Coronavirus, but Hadi is foolish to want start military action. Does he consider himself as a jihadist of sorts?

9. We need to kickstart the Malaysian economy, not start a war. Sometimes too much religion can addle the brain. Does Hadi know about the consequences of military action? Conflict has a way of escalating out of control. The countries around us, will curse him for bringing more problems, and refugees to their shores too.

10. As Special Envoy, Hadi could approach Myanmar’s leaders, including Aung San Suu Kyi and their religious leaders, to resume Kofi Annan’s recommendations to resolve the complex Rohingya issue. Negotiation and peace is the way.

Muhyiddin should reign in his latest war-mongerer. The worst sort are the religious men pretending to be politicians, and now, pretending to be military strategists.

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  • GaikBoon Hng says:

    Please ask Hadi Bawang to read Sub Tzu Art of War even before suggesting anything lunatically sound ideas.

  • EddyBawang says:

    Tis old tolibon wannabee should start bringing his village jihadist and confront the isreali about the palestinian plight if he wants to be hero in d eyes of the glamorous oic club.

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