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Why was the Agong involved in the sacking of the doctor who was the head of orthopaedics at a hospital in the Klang Valley?

Today, the Ministry of Health reported that it had sacked the head of the orthopaedic department at a hospital in Klang Valley.

Last September a special committee had been set up to investigate the allegations about this man’s sexual advances against trainee doctors. The committee completed their investigations on 23 October.

Minister of Health, Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, confirmed that the doctor’s services had been terminated on 14 November and said, “The Yang di-Pertuan Agong consented to the termination of the doctor’s services.”

Why is the Agong’s consent needed to terminate this pervert’s services? What if the Agong had refused? 

The pervert doctor should be investigated, charged and exposed for his crimes.

Will the people who helped in previous cover-ups be investigated and made to face justice too?

Last August, The Star, reported that the Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister, Hannah Yeoh, suggested a possible cover-up and she was investigating the claims that no action had been taken after victims had lodged complaints against the department head.

She said, “In this particular case, it is about who covered up (the complaints).

“The victims claimed they reported to the authorities but there had been no action. We are looking into that.”

We would like to know how long this pervert had been committing his depraved activities?

Will more victims come forward now?

Will the people who helped to cover-up the investigations be charged too?

Lacking laws that deal specifically with sexual harassment.

Last August, the Malaysia Medical Association (MMA) president, Dr Mohamed Namazie Ibrahim, said that more victims had finally found the courage to come forward and lodge complaints.

He feared that there were other cases that had not been reported due to fear of victim blaming and discrimination among colleagues, including the fear of losing their jobs. He said, “Malaysia does not have any law that deals specifically with sexual harassment in the work place.”

Why is the Agong involved in this sacking? 

There are some serious questions to be answered.

  1. Since when is the Agong involved in the sacking of doctors? Is this a new policy in Malaysia Baru, or is it a throwback from the previous regime? Involving the King in the sacking of doctors or any other civil servants, does NOT instil confidence in the rakyat. Need we say more?

2. When will the sexual predator face criminal charges?

3. When will he be named? People do not want to be treated by such a person.

4. Which hospital in the Klang Valley was the doctor practising? Who were the superiors who initiated the cover up? Or was it Health Ministry officials who forced the cover-up? Name the co conspirators.

5. When will this sexual pest be struck off the medical register? Or will he be allowed to practise in another location, perhaps under another name and continue making sexual advances?

6. How fast can the MPs table a law that deals with sexual harassment? Does this mean, that for the past 61 years, we were living in a lawless land where sexual predators knew there were relatively safe?


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