Will I become a more HONOURABLE Malay if I do the following things…?

Credit MalaysiakiniWill I become a more HONOURABLE Malay if …
…I declare that I am racist, but claim that Islam justifies my stance.
…I insist that my rights are more important than anybody else’s.
…I am jealous that the Bersih 4 rally marchers, managed to muster 500,000 people onto the streets of KL.
…I blame the Chinese for the problems afflicting my own race.
…I claim to respect other religions, but drag cow heads through the streets, and confiscate the Malay Bible.
…I demand that crosses are removed from school badges, school walls and school books, because they are un-Islamic.
…I demand that non-Malay children refrain from drinking during Ramadan, because they will test my endurance.

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