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Win Zunar’s latest book, “Ketawa Pink-Pink” in a lucky draw.

GST stands for the “Goods and Services Tax”; but to Zunar, GST is a tax which pays for Najib Abdul Razak’s Golf, Shopping, and Travel.

For three years, Najib collected GST from us; but what did he do with the billions of ringgits?

The cost of living, petrol, transportation, and food, have gone up; but our wages have not.

Critics are silenced with the sedition act and the Anti Fake News bill; but Najib continues to tell lies and rob the nation.

Najib and family, use the government jet to fly overseas, but Zunar is banned from overseas travel.

Zunar has given talks at both Cambridge and Oxford Universities, and is invited to speak, at universities in America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

At home, he is banned from addressing students in Malaysia.

At the United Nations in Genera, the former UN secretary-general, Kofi Annan, presented Zunar with the Cartooning for Peace Award.

He is respected overseas, but at home, his books are confiscated, his office raided and he has been charged with nine counts of Sedition.

To celebrate the publication of his latest book, “Ketawa Pink Pink“, I would like to present the book, to the winner of my website’s lucky draw.

Participants will be selected from subscribers to my website,

You can be from anywhere in the world. I will post Zunar’s book to you.

The draw will be made at 2200 hrs, Ipoh time on 10 May 2018.

I will contact the lucky person by email and announce the winner the following day, on YouTube, on my website (, Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you.



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