With rumours of a snap election at the end of 2020 or early 2021, are you prepared? Have you registered to vote? Don’t let the backdoor PN back in.

Every dream is worth fighting for, even if it seems impossible.

Those of you who are registered to vote, but who have vowed to refrain from voting in GE-15 as a means of protest may wish to reconsider. Your vote will be used by a foreigner or possibly a phantom voter. Don’t fall into this trap.

You may not be aware that you have the reserve of energy to make even the most unattainable dream come true; even if that dream is of a fair, equal and prosperous Malaysia.

Millions of Malaysians share your vision of Malaysia. GE-14 was the test-run. So, get ready for GE-15.

If you were to give-up on Malaysia now, what would you tell your children and grandchildren in the years to come? Don’t allow the bigots, the extremists and the corrupt, arrogant politicians to dominate and control your life.

The culture of fear has returned, but if we are resolute, and support those who have been targeted and stay united, we will get through this chaotic period faster. 

You’re fed-up

You’ve probably heard these remarks before, “I don’t care and will not vote in GE-15. I am fed-up.” “Why bother, the government just does as it pleases. I voted PH in 2018, but prime minister Mahathir Mohamad just rolled over, and resigned, leaving a dangerous power vacuum, which was seized by PN.” “Nothing has changed. My life has not improved. Not with Umno-Baru/BN, not with PH, not with PN. They are all the same.”

If we stop doing the right thing, even something as simple as criticising politicians for their shortcomings, this country will surely fail.

If your child was a bully, you would correct his behaviour. If your child had taken something which does not belong to him, you would make him return the item, apologise and tell him that stealing is wrong. Your moral duty and conscience would not let him get away with misbehaviour.

Similarly, you should also rail against politicians who do wrong. You should not condone politicians or leaders who steal, molest, rape or murder.

At the grassroots level, Malaysians are like family. Social media tells of Malaysians who help those in need, irrespective of their colour or creed.

The Japanese divided the population of Malaya, by giving preferential treatment to the Malays, made them part of the Kempetai (secret police), sent Indians to their deaths on the Burma railway, whilst the Chinese were tortured and killed.

Successive governments have always used division to consolidate their  hold on the country. Politicians have personal agendas. We are mere pawns in their quest for power.

If you are fed-up with how things are done in Malaysia, don’t just be a bystander, do something about it. No-one said that Malaysia would become perfect in one year. No-one said it would be easy or that reforms could be made overnight.

How long did it take to wean your child off sweets, fast food or computer games? Some of you are still trying. Just think how long it would take to undo 63 years of brainwashing; so let’s start now.

No-one imagines that Malaysians must turn into super-heroes to overcome Putrajaya. We just need ordinary members of the rakyat to keep pushing for the rule of law, for their democratic rights, for the Constitution to be upheld, for justice, fairness, equality and common sense to prevail.

The people have never failed their compatriots even during their darkest hours.

During the Japanese Occupation, former foes like the British Force 136 and the communist Malayan Peoples Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA), teamed up to get rid of the Imperial Japanese Army.

After the Second World War, the various races were united in working towards a common cause, to gain independence from Britain. There was no bloodshed, just plenty of dialogue and negotiation.

The rakyat worked together to crush communism during the unpredictable and violent years of the 12-year Emergency.

In 2018, in one of their finest hours, they rallied round and voted to get rid of the corrupt administration, under the kleptocrat Najib Abdul Razak.

Malaysians had a taste for freedom and knew that it was possible to get rid of a government which was bankrupt of ideas. They can do it again in GE-15.

All Malaysians deserve a better tomorrow. I know that many Malaysians have yet to be registered as voters. Please do so tomorrow. Every vote counts.

Your one vote can make a difference between winning and losing. In May 2018, the Orang Asli of Chenderiang who were fed-up with Umno-Baru.BN, cast their votes which allowed the current Mentri Besar of Perak, Ahmad Faizal Azumu, to win by the skin of his teeth, a mere 39 votes.

The country is teetering on a knife-edge, between sinking deeper into intolerance and profligate spending.

Please don’t condemn your child to an uncertain future.

Don’t betray all that our forefathers fought hard to achieve.

Your contempt for the main political parties and politicians is understandable, but lets take things one step at a time.

If you care about democracy, please register to vote, and cast your vote in GE-15.

Rebuilding Malaysia

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  • isaloo says:

    We mustn’t let fear rule us
    We are the nation; we are the trail-blazers
    It isn’t the politicians who formed the government
    It is the people who elected to form one

    We mustn’t surrender our votes
    You may get fed up of voting
    Remember the history of our votes
    One vote will make all the difference

    We may get angry with the duplicitous traitors
    Stealing our votes for their own benefits
    We can shout and use placards to vent our anger
    But these cowards will stay low or hide in force

    We expected the Old Man to change
    We didn’t realize he couldn’t adapt well
    He went back to his old way
    He didn’t like Anwar and DAP

    But he forgot he stood under PKR ticket
    He didn’t reciprocate PKR gestures
    Instead he plotted to pull down PH
    A leader should know about compassion

    Now the water has passed the bridge
    We mustn’t feel angry and forget our votes
    We should stomach it and go for it
    Freedom doesn’t come easy

    Losers never win; winners never quit
    We have won once in 2018
    We shouldn’t quit because back door wins
    We should fight back for our freedom!

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