“Aliens From Outer Space” describes Yin’s view that Malaysians need a common enemy to unite them

When the hand wringing stops and there is no more hair to pull, stop to ponder on what has happened.

To cut to the chase; I would say the coup is the best thing that has happened to our country in a long while.

That’s  TR (Tanjung Rambutan) talk I hear you say.

Maybe; but hear me out.

It exposes (AGAIN!) the treachery of the Malay leaders. They think nothing of stabbing you in the back while smiling at your face. For what?

So they can get to loot the country. And those who have been charged with crimes – to get off the hook.  The alleged criminals and the power seekers will strike a deal and once again we the citizens are cheated of  justice.

It also makes it very clear to the non-Malays that there is no place for them in this country – not as equal citizens anyway. Why else an All Malay Government – comprising of racist parties plus one of Islamic extremists (with perhaps a sprinkling of non-Malays as tokens). Whatever slim hope they had with GE14 is dead . . .  unless . . .(I will get back to this later).

Sorry to sound so negative but the writing has been on the wall a long time – since the first time Dr Mahathir Mohamad took office. He is the father of racial discrimination in our country. The others just followed his example.

The positive of this coup is that Perikatan Nasional will drive the economy to the ground.

Business will move out of the country, FDIs will not flow in; the rich will take their money out. The result will be huge unemployment. When one cannot make a living selling nasi lemak then one will rise against the establishment. The Malays will realise that it does not matter if it were an all Malay government if you cannot feed your family. The Malay leaders will blame it on the non-Malays as usual but unlike in the past, this won’t wash anymore. It’s not possible to hide the real news from the people today. The religious establishment hold on their congregation will loosen as more immediate needs take precedence over the promise of heaven.

The equivalent scenario in science fiction would be aliens invading earth.  And for once, all the countries unite – America, Russia, China, India; Capitalist, Communist, Theocracies, Dictatorships. They forget their differences as they unite to face the common enemy.

Sometimes we need such a common enemy to wake us up – make us realise that our colour and religion does not matter.

If you can’t put food on the table; Malays, Chinese, Indians  all suffer. We have more in common than we think.

But as I said many times before, the non Malays are better prepared (through years of facing racial discrimination) to meet such an emergency. 

The Malays on the other hand who have had their figthing spirit, initiative and self reliance taken from them by successive Malay governments – who fed them handouts so as to get their votes – will not cope as well. Wake up my friend; there is no free lunch, the world does not owe you a living. Bumiputraism cannot protect you from global competition. A Malay language and Islam centric education does not prepare you to compete in the wider world.

The second positive we can take from this is to hope that  Pakatan Harapan has learned its lesson.

You cannot team up with a racist party and hope to create a Malaysian Malaysia. Mahathir has made it clear his Ketuanan Melayu credentials from the beginning . DAP which has built its reputation on promoting multi racialism and an equal common citizenship abandoned its founding principles. It’s leaders have forgotten what Karpal Singh – a founding member and leading light in the party – said: that one may change friends or enemies but must never change one’s principles. You can say DAP sold itself for a few cabinet seats and for what?

It has not even been able to carry out most of its manifesto which it sold to the people for their votes.

What is PKR going to do? To out-Malay PPBM, UMNO. Or will it fight for a multi-racial Malaysia with affirmative action based on needs and not race as Anwar has said so many times.

But Anwar is a chameleon; can he be trusted? Will he also not betray us for 30 pieces of silver?

And will Amanah become more extreme than PAS in pushing Islam. Will it also call for Syriah?

Pakatan Harapan is not exactly made up of politicians of conviction. In one way or another they are also opportunists – looking after themselves.

My observation is that the only honest party is Parti Socialis Malaysia (PSM).  If only they can show that they are a credible force, I am sure many Malaysians will vote for it.

And if MAJU  wants to endorse any party then PSM would probably tick most of its boxes.

This is the time for refletion for Pakatan Harapan.

Don’t expect the voters to forget that you have lied to them  – sold them a manifesto you had no intention of keeping as Mahathir confessed.

It will take a lot for the people to trust you again.

The many people I have spoken with said the next time they would prefer not to vote or spoil their votesas a protest rather than vote.

What has happened has given PH a second chance. Take it.

Regroup – come back with an honest manifesto and honest candidates.

So what happens if PN forms the government again?  At least then we know they will drive the country to the ground and we will all rise as Malaysians to save our country. We will rebuild from the ground up; a new Malaysia built on a common equal citizenship with an affirmative action geared to help those in need and not to feed the greedy. A true Bangsa Malaysia as promised in GE14.

Perikatan Nasional is the metaphorical Aliens From Outer Space that will bring us together.

The religious will say that this is Allah teaching us a lesson .  Alhamdullilah!

(The views expressed are those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the views of Rebuilding Malaysia.)

By Yin, 

Letters from Ward 5, Tanjong Rambutan

Rebuilding Malaysia

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