YIN on John Malott who said, “I am willing to give Mahathir a chance”

A letter (Sept 6, 2017) purportedly by John Malott the ex U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia has been doing the rounds in cyberspace. Probably everyone has read it by now.

Anyway, in he says that at the end of the day, he will give Mahathir a chance. His argument is:

“I recognize how Mahathir subverted Malaysia’s political institutions to achieve his goals for the nation. But in his mind he did it for Malaysia, not to enrich himself”

So emasculating the judiciary is good for Malaysia? The muzzling of the press is good for Malaysia? Picking “winners” and then bailing them out with the public’s money when they fail is good for Malaysia? Just to take three examples.

Was it not to shore up his own power and strengthen his stranglehold on government that he did all that – and more? So it was not a matter of convenience to remove an independent minded Chief Justice who might act against his interest (during his struggle against Razaleigh for UMNO) but for the good of Malaysia. What about the changing of the demography in Sabah which suddenly saw a miraculous surge in Muslims – so that they became the majority – the dubbed Project M. He denies having a hand in it, but nevertheless it was during his watch. But if you believe him, you will believe in anything.

And in bailing out failed enterprises which included his son’s shipping company (with public funds) is there not a hint of self-interest? How did his sons get so rich in such a short time – from all accounts, they are not business geniuses?

Did he enrich himself?

So Malott thinks Mahathir did not enrich himself.  There is more than one way to steal from the people, MrMalott and you know it.

One of the conditions of MrMalott’s ‘pardon’ is “He must say that those who have stolen money from the Malaysian people must be brought to justice.”

In order to do that and to prove beyond a doubt; there must be a full and unfettered commission of enquiry – a Royal Commission of Inquiry – with the full power of the law to delve into every aspect of “stealing from the people”. This will include Mahathir and his cabinet members, Badawi’s and also Najib’s.  Will Mahathir agree to that?  Not too long ago DAP (when it was not sleeping with Mahathir) said that if the Opposition came into power it would investigate Mahathir. Today, they have kept very quiet on the matter.

MrMalott went on  “. . . is Mahathir willing to go into that heartland  – meet the people – and tell them in Malay that Najib is a crook who has stolen their money?”  All I can say is, Mahathir had better be prepared to answer a few questions about his own fiduciary integrity.

“Is Mahathir willing to tell the people that Anwar – whom so many of the Malays in the countryside also still love – was unjustly imprisoned by Najib?”

Very well then, he must then also say that Anwar was unjustly imprisoned by him. Najib learned this from his master. 

Of course Mahathir will not do this. He has not even apologised for doing that or for his past misdeeds.

The bottom line is this: Malott like so many others, is so desperate to get rid of Najibthat they are willing to embrace the devil himself.

I know MrMalott has not mentioned this – about Mahathir being prime minister (his views would be welcomed) – but I have always said that there is nothing wrong using Mahathir to fight Najib. That is the least he can do to atone for his past misdeeds.  But NOT IF IT MEANS HE WILL BE MADE PM.

One million Malays

Haris Ibrahim (the activist) has promised to prostrate before Mahathir and be his follower if Mahathir can bring one million Malays to Putrajaya as a show of his influence among the Malays. Haris’ new T shirt is a variation on his famous ABU (Anyone but UMNO), it is ABUM (Anyone But UMNO and Mahathir). I wonder if he meant anyone but A BUM?I am more generous – 500,000 will do for me.  The anti- Najib camp gives Mahathir more power to influence the Malays than he really has.

I will say this, if PH has no one else (other than Mahathir) who is capable of being PM (even an interim one) then it does not deserve to govern!

Malaysians must ask themselves if they want to radically change the course the country has taken in the past four decades – towards Islamisation, racial discrimination, patronage  and corruption, unaccountability, lack of transparency, weak checks and balances. If you want to chart a new course you cannot have the same captain who drove us on to the rocks in the first place.

Over to you Mr Malott.


By Yin,

Letters from Ward 5, Tanjong Rambutan

(The views expressed are those of the contributor)

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  • Cheangpohhwa says:

    For leaders of pak at an to embrace mahathir in their fight against najib was humanly impossible after what they had suffered in his hand when he was at the helm.
    They probably didn’t have the luxury of choice, given that certain segments, especially rural malays still hold tdm in high regards.
    I said this from random conversation when I visited kelantan recently.
    They were fully aware of tdm abuse of power and financial meltdown. But during that era, it was still not so difficult to put food on the table as compared to now income stagnant but prices spiralling out of hand.
    The younger and those in their 30s and 40s are by and large politically bipartisan. To them pas or umno it’s 2×5.

  • Cheangpohhwa says:

    It is a question of being pragmatic or to be practical. The former involves upholding ethical standards and moral principles, and at the same time considering the reality on the ground.
    Being practical subscribes to the doctrine of the ends justify the means.

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