You can lock us up, but you cannot imprison our minds

angel-in-a-cage_origThere are people who disagree with marches and street protests, and only the naive would think that the five demands of Bersih 4 could be met after just one rally.

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Change will not happen overnight, but if you thought that the past Bersih marches did not achieve anything, then you are wrong.

Before the protests, you were probably not aware of the high levels of cheating done by the government

Before the Bersih rallies, your knowledge on electoral boundaries, postal votes, money politics, power blackouts, ballot box rigging, ballot box switching, ballot boxes being dumped form helicopters into rivers and ballot boxes being switched on lorries, etc, was not as intense as after the rallies.

Before the Bersih protest marches, we were not aware of the enormous lengths foreign nationals were recruited to vote, in exchange for permit to stay, and work in Malaysia.

The Berish rallies highlighted these irregularities and made us aware.

Alas, electoral reforms will need a bit more time.

Why should Umno-Baruputras who have not worked in their lives, be forced to work for a living?So, only clean elections will ensure, that the remaining four demands, which are saving the economy, a clean government, the right to dissent, and to strengthen parliamentary democracy, will be met.

The Malaysian economy is mismanaged, 1MDB brought ridicule to Malaysia, religious policies threaten national security, our young are unemployable.

To add to our woes, our currency is falling faster than a whore’s drawers in Jalan Yang Kalsom. (yey…Ipoh again).

The police can arrest scores of people, to join Adam Adli, Eric Paulsen, Fahmi Zainol, Hishamuddin Rais, Mandeep Singh, Rafizi Ramli, Safwan Anang, and Zunar, but more leaders will emerge.
Newspapers, will suffer the same fater as The Edge. Punished for telling the truth. Many jobs are at risk.

The actions of a desperate government, will only create a more determined rakyat, who will retaliate with more marches, boycotts and strikes.

The IGP may drag us to prison, but he cannot lock up our thoughts.

The IGP may use water cannon to blast us off the streets, but he cannot wash away our resolve.

The Twitter champion may use tear-gas to choke us, but he cannot strangle our determination.

The more the authorities stop the rakyat from entering Dataran Merdeka, the stronger is our resolve to fight oppression.

On Saturday, the authorities may surround Dataran Merdeka with razor wire, like they did last time, but they cannot imprison our minds.

Now is the time for Malaysians to show solidarity and to fight repression. Are you up to the challenge?


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