Guidelines for writing for (Rebuilding Malaysia) and

Guidelines for writing for (Rebuilding Malaysia) and, which is its sister website, in Malay.

  1. Please keep to around 400 to 700 words.
  2. No defamation or name calling. Personal slurs are NOT allowed.
  3. Use simple, plain English.
  4. The article MUST be your original work. No plagiarism is tolerated.
  5. Provide links of articles you mentioned in your text. You must be able to quantify your arguments.
  6. Credit others if you take excerpts from their pieces.
  7. These are your own views and the article has not been published elsewhere.
  8. Ensure that names of the people you quoted are in full, and that dates, places and the spelling of all of these are correct.
  9. If in doubt, leave it out.
  10. Re-read your work, and ask, “Would anyone want to read this? Have I been fair?”

Please note that these websites are to provide a platform for intelligent discussion, for an exchange of ideas and views. No one is excluded, provided you are fair.

I am not in a position to pay for the articles. These are self-funding websites. My aim is to reach out to people, to highlight and make aware, certain issues which plague Malaysia.

Hope the above helps. If you have any photos of yourself and a short thirty (30) word description to introduce yourself, to readers, that would be great.

Happy writing!

Rebuilding Malaysia

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