Must Read

  • Charles Allen

Tales from the South China Seas

  • Swettenham

A nocturne of other Malayan stories and sketches

  • Beccari

Wanderings in the Great Forest of Borneo

  • Noel Barber

The War of the Running Dogs

  • Isabella Bird

The Golden Chersonese

  • Wells

Six years in the Malay Jungle

  • Falconnier

The Soul of Malaya

  • Coates

City of Broken Promises

  • Barbera and Leonard Andaya

A history of Malaysia

  • Bobby Yin

Tin Man

Postcards from Malaya

  • Dr Kua Kia Soong

Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969

  • Tan Wah Piow

The Lion’s Paw (2012)

Smokescreens & Mirrors (2012)

Let the People Judge (1987) and Frame-Up (1987)

  • Hishammuddin Rais


  • Adam Adli

Molotov Koktel

  • Musimgrafik

Where Monsoons Meet

  • Dr Ang Swee Chai

From Beirut to Jerusalem



Rebuilding Malaysia

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