Monkey Business

monkey_originalMONKEY BUSINESS

Three or four generations of the Malaysian rakyat have been made stupid, treated like cows and enslaved by Umno-Baru.

If the Malays have a high level of tolerance, does this include tolerance towards those who receive and offer bribes?

If the Chinese are called non-patriotic, because they live overseas, why are many Malay students and experts reluctant to return to Malaysia to work?

What do the Malaysian rakyat, Malays and non-Malays, dislike?

The list is long: A tyrannical government. A racist government. Increase in prices of everyday goods. Leakages. Crime. The level of education. High cost of houses and cars. A non-functional public transport system…..alamak…..too many factors!

The saddest bit is when Umno-Baru leaders wrongly use Malay and Islam for personal gain.

There are many things you can do so save our nation.


Rebuilding Malaysia


  • EG says:

    Najib is down. Now go and look into Sarawak and Sabah and see where the rats are hiding.

  • Mad Nor says:

    …..Hmmm…lamenting on the woes…woes that are so rampant on facebook…and everywhere you look….the sins that are so obvious…I just don’t understand why the voters keep on putting them in power every time….one of the reasons I chose to stay overseas….I can’t bear to witness the mass scandalous corruptions unfolding before my very eyes….

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