From pokai to flushed with cash; that is a miracle. Hallelujah. Civil servants will be rewarded! Why? Forget Raya. The reason is GE-15

On 18 Aril, Maihuddin said his administration and government was relatively pokai,

Today, we are told that civil servants, and retirees, around 2 million in all, will receive a bonus of RM500 for the former, and RM250 for the latter.

How did he get hold of so much cash in a week? All those trips to Saudi Arabia must have done the trick.

Or was it the intense praying whilst in the holy land. God then dropped a massive durian runtuh in the form of ringgits?

Maihuddin may claim it is a Raya bonus, but as we all know from pervious Umno-Baru administrations, the votebank must be kept happy.

The electorate, mostly Malays, will keep voting for the person at the top, who keeps rewarding them.

The votebank are like pets. Pets must be regularly fed. They rarely get exercise but he is happy for them to walk to the voting station once every five years, then exert themselves filling in the voting slip.

He’s happy when they do that, and they are too.

He used RM500 of our money) so that in future, he can have access to the Aladdin’s cave meaning the treasury.

We have a bloated civil service. Is it around 1,500,000 people? How many retirees are there? 500,000 or more?

What about the rakyat? No-one thinks of them. After all, it is their money which is used to reward the civil servants.

How many billions of ringgits will be spent on civil servants so that Maihuddin will be voted back come GE-15?

Do the maths!

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  • gilaotak says:

    Everytime there is bad news, the PM announces it to non Malays. When he talks to Malays he only has good news. Do you think Malays cannot accept bad news? Are they only tuned to good news? Looks like it.

  • martha koh says:

    Have you forgotten about the TRUST FUND?

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