Minister of Religious Affairs…you are being highly irresponsible and complacent. A shortened sermon will not stop the virus. You might as well ask people to hug and shake hands. Muhyiddin, this is all your fault!

How complacent is the Minister for Islamic Affairs, Zulkifli Mohamad, the former Federal Territory mufti ? Has he not heard that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the Coronavirus (Covid-19) a pandemic.

Governments all over the world are encouraging “social distancing” to stop Coronavirus from spreading, but you Mr Minister, are encouraging the virus to spread.

Why has he not learnt from experience? Around 10,000 people had participated in a religious gathering at Sri Petaling mosque in Kuala Lumpur between Feb 27 to March 1, where a Bruneian man infected with Covid-19 had also joined in.

The Pope did an online Sunday sermon and the Catholic Church has warned against taking communion from the Chalice and using holy water in services amid fears of spreading Coronavirus.

In Iran, it was blind allegiance to rituals, that caused several deaths because people were kissing and licking shrines probably thinking that God will protect them. Well, many got the disease and some died!

The problem is that our ministers ignore science and most of all common sense.

When the disease takes off, have we enough hospital beds, hospital staff, equipment and ICU facilities to cope? The Minister of Health should advise the PM and he should issue the directive.

All across the world, responsible governments are cancelling sporting events, concerts and festivals or hold the events behind closed doors.

Does Mr Minister know that the elderly and those with long-term illnesses or those with an existing medical condition, such as those with a reduced immune system or breathing difficulties, will be at risk.

In some parts of the world, healthy adults have been advised to work from home where possible. 

The disease does not care if it infects a Malay or a non-Malay body. The disease does not recognise the person’s religion. The virus does not care if you are rich or poor. A British person was struck with the virus whilst staying at a luxury five-star hotel in Bali.

Do the right thing Mr Minister and tell people to stay at home. They will thank you for it.

The standard of Malaysian hygiene is not fantastic (check our public toilets) and see how people spit here and there.

Mr Minister of Religious Affairs. You should reconsider your advice.

The Minister said that if the disease escalates, then Friday prayers can be called off. “If it continues to spread out of control, then Friday prayers need not be held.”

Has he heard that ‘Prevention is better than cure’?

Missing Friday prayers and being in close contact with others may increase your chances of getting the virus and may possibly kill you.

Not going to Friday prayers may reduce that risk.

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  • isaloo says:

    The congregation should stop
    It brings no value to the current crisis
    Covid19 isn’t into religions
    It will strike when it has the chances

    Even Friday prayers should be avoided
    The faithful can pray at home
    It is better to stay alive and virus free
    Covid19 likes to strike hard and invent fear

    There is no vaccine to fight Covid19
    By now every one should recognize it
    The virus is webbing along beyond Wuhan
    The world has seen the causes of it

    What do the leaders of backdoor know?
    They only think of themselves and the power
    They should check their pulses for Covid19
    As one of them hasn’t shown any symptoms yet

    It is said it takes 14 days to know it
    But patient 26 only got it 5 weeks later
    Meanwhile he had contacted so many people
    On his public gathering he attended

    All mass gatherings must be cancelled
    It is no point to allow it to go on
    WHO has declared it as pandemic
    Here the backdoor leaders playing games

  • Ina says:

    Y him…… its tun mahathir’s fault who letting ths china people to enter msia

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