Palace life-line! Bersatu starts unhealthy trend of running to the palace to be rescued, each time it faces a threat. It’s seditious to criticise, says one Bersatu man.

We are now beginning to see one of the side-effects of Emergency Rule.

This Bersatu supreme council member, Muhammad Faiz Na’aman, wants the authorities to charge people with sedition, for questioning Emergency Rule. He said that the people who questioned the motives of the Emergency Rule are treasonous and should be punished.

Why should politicians run to the palace to bail them out each time they face a crisis? Is this how problems are solved in future? Run to the palace?

Faiz said, “Any insult, mockery, jibe or spinning on the emergency proclamation’s true intent as stated in Istana Negara’s official statement can be considered as a betrayal and treason.

“Whether it is done by ordinary or prominent persons, be it overtly or in a veiled manner, should be seen as a form of sedition with the malicious intent of diminishing the people’s respect and loyalty to the institution of constitutional monarchy.”

Silly man. Bersatu is weak. It deals with threats to its power by running to the palace for help. Anyone who criticises this move, is considered going against the three Rs – race, religion, royalty

Running to the palace to get out of a difficult spot is not leadership, It is cowardice.

Bersatu leaders cannot lead, govern or look after the rakyat.

Using the Coronavirus pandemic as an excuse for Emergency Rule, is Muhyiddin Yassin’s desperate act.

Does Faiz know the meaning of democracy? Or dictatorship?

He should try living in North Korea to start his education.

Go ahead. Criticise! We are a democracy.

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