So who is the 44-year-old Dr Maszlee? His Curriculum Vitae is impressive, but…

Dr Mahathir Mohamad handed over the post of Education Minister to Dr Maszlee Malek. The names are handed to the Agung tomorrow.

Dr M said he would reinstate himself as the Education Minister if the majority of people gave him the thumbs-up. All this came about because some people moaned that he should not hold two posts. PM and Education Minister. 

So who is the 44-year-old Dr Maszlee? His Curriculum Vitae is impressive, but he was surprised as many people about his appointment and by his own admission said that he did not expect to be given the education portfolio as the post was normally helmed by those more senior and experienced.

A newspaper wrote 14 points about Dr Maszlee based on an interview in an Astro Awani programme of 19 May 2018.

A political and social cynic, Azah Hussein has written her critical comments in response to the 14 points written in this link, about Dr Maszlee

A rebuttal of the 14 points describing Dr Maszlee Malik, Minister of Education

(Azah’s points to counter Dr Maszlee’s are in red)

1. He congratulated Syed Azmi on the touch a dog event.
So? Has he spoken out or done anything concrete to stop the abuse of dogs by muslims who react out of some crazy hadith?

2. He is hated by Radical Muslim in Malaysia.
Really? Where is the proof? And why?
3. He supports Freedom of Speech.
That’s not what the church said. He is more towards tolerating rather than acceptance.

4. He disapproves of extremism, racism and fanaticism.
So how come he is said to be linked to Ikhwan- Muslim Brotherhood?

5. He supports Home Schooling.
Support with what end? Home schooling should be avoided as it is a closed learning environment but tolerated for children with health or other serious problems. Mixing, making friends, knowing how to show respect to different teachers…prepares one for real life. Home schooling doesn’t do that.

6. His mother is Hakka.
So….? Are we going into race divisions now?
7. He speak Chinese. Fluent in English. Strong command of both classical and modern Arabic
So does he understand the Quran well enough to be certain of the stand that the Quran forbids sectarianism?
What is his stand on the forced conversion of muslims in Malaysia to become members of the ASWJ which is a Sunni Sub Sect. (ASWJ – Ahl Sunni Wal Jamaah).
This conversion is forced upon Malaysian Muslims through the Malaysian Syariah law.

8. He has a doctorate  (PhD) from Dana Bowerman University in Durham, United Kingdom in Good Governance.

(Note from editor. Dr Maszlee graduated from Durham University. The coverage which is where this contributor accessed the information may have made an error). 

9. He has connections with the Finland Education system. His buddy is a school teacher, studying Learning, Education and Technology (LET) at the University of Oulu, Finland.
His buddy is a school teacher studying LET”…how is that important???

I have a buddy who is an world class football player….but I don’t know how to kick a football.

10. He is involved in the de-radicalisation and rehabilitation of Terrorists.
Did he work with Dr Zamihan who was said to be an expert in de-radicalisation for Malaysia?
(Editor’s note: Dr Zamihan is the cleric who was embroiled in the muslim-only dhobi)

11. He is the Penasihat Ahli Lembaga for a few NGOs and education bodies like Teaching for the Needs (TFTN), Pusat Pendidikan Downsyndrome Orkids (ORKIDS), Pertubuhan Darul Fitrah, IDEAS Autism Centre.
So… this a KPI-Key Performance Indicator for academics in local universities?

12. His Manifesto for Teachers  is:
a. Teaching Assitant / Skim Guru Bantuan [Nothing new]
b. Reduce Class Size / Mengecilkan Kelas [Nothing new]
c. Reduce or No Paperwork / Tidak Perlu Urus Kerja Pentadbiran [Nothing new]

13. He was with Professor Jomo Kwame Sundaram, one of the Council of Elders for the government on discussion of National Consultative Council 2 before PH won. Guess who gave the suggestion to Mahathir about the post for Ministry of Education?
Being with Jomo on the National Council sounds nice…concretely what did he achieve?
14. Whole family learnt how to speak Chinese, better than Trump’s family
Better not let Trump hear you say that…

(The views expressed are those of the contributor)

Editor’s note: If you do not wish Dr Maszlee Malik to be the new Education Minister, please sign the petition to have Dr Mahathir Mohamad reinstated to the post
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  • Abdul-Kareem Abdul-Rahman says:

    Seriously people need to check before sharing misinformation in this post-truth age. I am afraid this is below you Mdm. Mariam Mokhtar.

    Dr Maszlee is PhD alumni of the actual Durham University, UK.

    As for learning about de-radicalisation from Zamihan, you have to be kidding right? People are not extreme despite him, not because of him.;

    • The person who contributed this piece, has been notified. She is a political and social cynic, Azah Hussein.

      Hopefully she will respond to your objections.

      Thank you.

  • chng kooi seng says:

    His PhD is from a non existent university. He has zero experience in education. All his knowledge is on Islam. How can we trust such a person. Why is our government doing all these stupid things. He is going to meet international figures in conferences and what is he going to talk about? How is he going to face questions from the international press about his PhD.

  • Adelin wong says:

    Well said, Lee, u spoke out all my thoughts n feelings about our education system n its deterioration . My heart was broken to see 2 generations who could hardly speak, listen read or write proper English. Only the cream or rich could do well, the poor became more deprived n couldn’t find a way out of poverty.who’s Fault? Understood.let the Doer undo it.adelin wong

  • Lee says:

    Anyone with strong religious inclination will not be a good educator. Sometime when the strong calling of religious practises comes knocking, the actions and thought process will be influenced and quite prejudice in nature derailing the the pragmatic approach to implement an effective learning skill. The religious bidding takes a precedence and interfer the universal approach of decisions that matters in the education system.
    Dr. Mazslee has strong credentials in his academic commendations and as being a student and a receiver but not sure of his real abilities or a fortemente to push and introduce a new era of new education system in the country.He has to be a dare devil in that driver seat as the country education system are now deeply entrenched in the conservative approach and anchored on religious and race basis.
    Dr Mazslee also need to put to rest the growing fear of his strong religious beliefs and especially his involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood Unity. Outsyedbox blog site has shown couple of photos that are not in favour to his demeanor. One particular photo shows the gathering of him with some infamous “celebrities” of Ustazs. The country now needs a very aggresive and an adamant personality who is all out to make a good radical change to our archaic educational sysytem and rightfully it should be Mahatir himself to helm the Education Ministry. Why so?? He has to correct all the wrongs of those yesteryears in his actions of “pertahankan bahasa” sentiments . The strong sweeping implementations across all tier levels without regards to the cause and effects has led to the regressions and a myopic educational set up learning process.In retrospect it is deemed more of political pride actions that result in suh dreadful deterioration and bearing no fruition for Malaysia to leap forward. Undoubtly the rakayat has by nature being patriotic has readily accepted that the country national language is undisputable Bahasa Malaysia which is a common medium on conversing within the multi races. Revamping the knowledge learning language should be the universal acceptance and usage of English as a medium in schooling. So it has to be Mahatir himself and only he himself is capable to make such decisive change before he pass the baton.

  • Francis Tan says:

    To those who have been trying to convince me by quoting Tony P and Ong KM as “knowing Mazlee very well & he is noted to be a very modern, forward moving & progressive guy, rightly chosen as MOE” and “not a fake like Hadi” etc. etc. :-

    Please just ask Tony and Ong if they have asked and received answers in the affirmative fr Mazlee to the two simple questions below.
    If they haven’t even asked him, nvm about taking them to task, just pls get them to ask Mazlee these two simple questions :

    1. What is his position on the separation of religion and education ie does he agree to removing religion from public education?
    [I’m not even asking him to answer on his position on the separation of religion and government or the role of Jakim. No need to ask, he supports Jakim!]

    2. Will he disavow RUU 355, Hudud or any kind of islamic law to be imposed on any Malaysian citizens?

    Let’s get this so proclaimed moderate & progressive Mazlee to properly answer these 2 simple questions, no spinning.
    Clear doubts as to the character to truly lead our children towards a multi-ethnic, progressive and secular Malaysia.

    Simply put, until and unless he is able to answer the questions in the affirmative, pls don’t try to speak for him and impress on me that he is “very modern and progressive and most suited as MOE”.

    Just ? (unless, of course, if you are happy with religious emphasis continuing, worse yet, religious indoctrination in schools and shariah law and hudud) ?

    & Pls don’t try to impress upon me the need to remain united cos of UMNO/MCA/PAS forming opposition.
    Stop bending over backwards lah ?

    Oh yes, pls don’t quote me yr political heroes either.. I don’t assess and form my opinion based on politicians’ views ? LOL!

    Do remember DAP telling everyone to support and trust PAS. Tsk Tsk Tsk! ?DAP is fortunate that we have not held them to account for that. Yes, DAP has since rejected PAS.. but.. has Mazlee really rejected PAS?

    So.. no point talking further ? Anyway, it looks like yr wish to hv Mazlee as MOE is coming true. He may behave while Tun M is around but let’s hope he continues to when Anwar takes over ?

    Just pray ? ?

    • frosty says:

      he has spoken about those two questions before

      1. based on his research, he does not believe in politicized islam, drawing examples from other failed ‘islamic’ countries. i’m not sure about his view on abolishing JAKIM specifically, but he is opposed to imposing beliefs and morals by force, which is what JAKIM has turned into. so yes he’s a champion for separation of religion and state. the conservatives hate him for being too liberal and progressive

      2. he’s no fan of hudud as law. he believes it’s impractical to put into law in today’s context. back to his view on how damaging politicized islam can be

      you see his major in political islam as a red flag, yet he’s been going around telling conservatives how political islam is damaging to society, as all other humanistic values are left out in the pursuit of power through political islam.

      i get the fear. give him a chance. Tun M did a lot for the nation, yet in the face of criticism of Tun M holding two positions, this guy is not as bad as many fear him to be. progressives like him are far from telling non-muslims how to live their lives, but would rather build society as a whole, inspired by philosophy and morals from all sources be it islamic or western or any other religion or school of thought.

      basically he’s too liberal for islamists (UIA kicked him out for quoting christian values), yet too islamic for liberals.

  • an lim says:

    Many are taken in by his soft approach in propagation of Islam. Nice & friendly. He smiles as he accepts the criticism of the weaknesses of muslims. Make no mistake. He is doing that only for the purpose of uplifting the Islamic interest, not the interest of improving relationship between Malaysians of different beliefs.

    He got those credentials with the aim of improving education in Islamic institutes. I can see he is zealous in improving muslims in their practice of Islam but nothing else. I have not seen anything that shows he will NOT try to promote his religion in schools.

    He said must give ZN freedom to speak. But he doesn’t give shia practioners even the freedom to practise. And he is linked to Asri of Perlis who is accused of being connected to the disappearance of the shia preacher.

  • Benny Goh says:

    This sound more like a hateful outbursts and an intelligent discourse. The same should apply to all new ministers and why Maszlee is singled out. Who has the most to gain if Maszlee is rejected????

  • Ragavan says:

    HE is not suitable to be a education minister in this multiracial country.We choose Tun M for his vast experiance and knowledge.

  • Kok Yoon Lee says:

    Perhaps we can read his PhD thesis as there seems to be some aspersions on his Doctorate and alma mater?

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