Nice watch, Annuar! How much did it set you back? Were you like Ku Nan another outstanding businessman, before you became an MP?

The photo of the Umno-Baru secretary-general and Ketereh MP was snapped outside Muhyiddin Yassin’s residence in Bukit Damansara around 6.11 pm on the evening of 15 October.

As you are aware, there is a frosty relationship between Bersatu and Umno-Baru. Is divorce in the air? Umno-Baru’s political bureau said that it was considering breaking ties with PN.

Annuar, who is also Federal Territories Minister, denied that he was at Muhyiddin’s to patch things up, or do a deal, or whatever.

He told reporters that it was just an ordinary visit “to a neighbour”.

He said, “Nothing much, just an ordinary meeting. After all, we are neighbours.

“There was no one else, just me.”

Kah kah kah….no one else? Really? No one else?

This an excerpt from the paper: Annuar’s car was spotted parked outside Muhyiddin’s house upon Malaysiakini’s arrival at around 5.30pm.

About 20 minutes later, another car with the word “Istana Negara” in Jawi script on the registration plate was spotted arriving on the scene.

Oh dear. Another kereta yang silap jalan?

More horse-trading Muhyiddin?

If you are in quarantine, you should not be entertaining visitors. Shameful! Self-rotan, can?

Anyway, nice watch, Annuar! How much did it set you back?

Were you like KuNan another outstanding bizman, before you became an MP?

Like most senior Umno-Baru politicians, Annuar’s past is mired in controversy. The Kelantan football scandal, and when he was Mara chairman he wanted to give the paedophile and Mara maths scholar, Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin, a second chance.

Can anyone furnish information on the watch?

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